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Weston Park Cello Music

BCR was on location again this week with members of Musical & Amicable Society, at Weston Park in Shropshire, UK. We’ve been recording cello music, discovered by MAS harpsichordist/director and researcher Martin Perkins, that is closely associated with five generations of the Bridgeman family. There’s much more from Martin, about the project, here: It’s a fascinating read, and the music is absolutely delightful too.

Joining Martin were cellists Jonathan Rees and Henrik Persson. A more lavish recording venue would be hard to imagine…

Henrik Persson playing cello, accompanied by Martin Perkins on harpsichord

Shot of Henrik and Jon playing, surrounded by ornate decoration and paintings in Weston Park

Old map of Weston Park found in one of the servants' rooms

Shot of Jon Rees playing cello

Martin Perkins examining an 18th century music copy

Henrik and Jon playing a cello duet in the bay window of Weston Park

Martin Perkins and Jon Rees looking at and discussing a manuscript

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