EUCO: Mozart Symphony 29, Kassation, Divertimento


A perfect classical balance in these early Mozart masterworks

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EUCO bring their irrepressible energy to these relatively early masterworks by W A Mozart. The much-loved Symphony no 29 in A major is sometimes regarded as Mozart’s first great symphony. The Kassation K.63 was written while Mozart was only 13, and yet displays all the inventiveness and composure of his later works. The Divertimento K.251 is a surprisingly extensive, complex and musically satisfying work that uses the unusual instrumental combination of strings, two horns and only one oboe.

Track Listing

Tracks 1 – 4
Symphony no. 29 K. 201
I. allegro moderato
II. andante
III. Menuetto
IV. allegro con spirito

Tracks 5 – 11
Kassation K. 63
I. Marcia
II. allegro
III. andante
IV. Menuetto
V. adagio
VI. Menuetto
VII. Finale: allegro assai

Tracks 12 – 17
Divertimento K. 251
I. allegro molto
II. Menuetto
III. andantino
IV. Menuetto: tema con Variazioni
V. rondeau: allegro assai
VI. Marcia alla francese

Additional Information

Recorded 26-27th September 2012 in St Nicholas’ Chapel, King’s Lynn, UK

Session production, recording and editing: Robin Bigwood

Executive producer: Ambrose Miller

CD booklet design: Robin Bigwood

Programme Notes: Celia Pond

Hans-Peter Hofmann: violin/director
Guy Button, Laura Virtanen, Anouk Ross, Alessandro Ruisi: 1st violins
Anita Martinek, Sabine Besser, Peter Asp, Elena Jauregui: 2nd violins
Monika Bazgier, Wouter Huizinga, Emil Csonka: violas
Sarah Wijzenbeek, Michael Wigram: cellos
Vilmos Buza: double bass
Arco van Zon, David Benfield: oboes
Mark Paine, Samuele Bertocci: horns

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