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Bardos Band: Seson


The cycle of the seasons, in haunting medieval music.

Seson marks the passage of the year in centuries-old music, granted fresh new life and vibrancy here by medieval specialists Bardos Band.

Track Listing

1. Ce jour de l’an – Guillaume Dufay
2. Nota – Anon (13th century English)
3. To drive the cold Winter away – Anon (Traditional English)
4. Je ne vis onques la pareille – Gilles Binchois
5. Ecco la Primavera – Francesco Landini
6. Die süss nachtigall – Anon (Buxheimer Orgelbuch)
7. Robin m’aime – Adam De La Halle
8. La rosa s’enflorese – Anon (Traditional Sephardic)
9. Ce fut en Mai – Moniot D’Arras
10. Kalenda Maya (estampie) – Raimbaut De Vaqueiras
11. Sumer is icumen in – Anon (c1240 English)
12. Der Sumer – Anon (Buxheimer Orgelbuch)
13. Roundel – Geoffrey Chaucer (Music: Rebecca Austen-Brown)
14. Cantiga de Santa Maria 225 – Anon (13th century Spanish)
15. Miri it is – Anon (13th century English)
16. Bryng us in good ale – Anon (English)
17. Bon jour, bon mois – Guillaume Dufay

Additional Information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 0.8 cm

Duo, Ensemble, Vocal


Dance, Instrumental, Song


Dulcimer, Percussion, Guitar, Recorder, Flute, Theorbo/Lute


Middle Eastern, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish


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